modul8 is the pioneer MacOS application for VJ.

Designed for live performance and real time video mixing.
An extremely responsive,flexible and easy-to-use tool.
Used in domains as diverse as veejaying, art performance, live show and video production.

Modul8 has made possible hundreds of projects around the globe by an incredibly active user community.

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Designed for live!

modul8 is above all a user interface designed for real time video performance.

Based on a layer metaphor found in many common graphics editing softwares, modul8 allows for intuitive real time video composition.

Everything can be manipulate in real time, making this tool the ideal software for spontaneous improvisational creativity and live video performances.

Push your creativity!

Modul8 flexibilities combining effects and filters lets you develop your style with your own spatial and temporal compositions.

Each media is a layer and can be manipulate in real time. All effects, color, shape and animations can be combined.

Instead of being constrained by predefined effects, you are in control of a genuinely creative tool, for a mind blowing live!

Infinitely extendable!

An integrated system of modules allows you to create custom functionalities in modul8, including interactive projects.

Create your own user interfaces using Python scripts and make your own modules directly into the application.

The on-line library integrated within modul8 allows you to access dozens of open source modules created by us and the community, available for free.
You can download tweak and share modules!

Put your hands on!

modul8 can be controlled in many ways. The simplest and most accessible approach is by using the mouse and keyboard.

The OSC protocol is also supported through the modules system.

You can add audio intensity and frequency to any animation effect through the audio analyzer. Connect a rhythm to any function in modul8 with the BPM module.

All of these functions can work together simultaneously.

Even better, use any MIDI controller to increase the parameters controlled simultaneously. Modul8 is also DMX compliant and can be controlled by a Light desk.

garageCube provides the micromodul8 a high quality midi controller dedicated to modul8, manufactured for us in Germany by FaderFox.