FAQ modul8

Do you have a windows version of modul8?

Unlike madMapper, modul8 is only available for macOS, and modul8 v3 requires macOS 10.9.5 or later.

Can I use modul8 with the latest macOS versions?

The latest Modul8 v3 versions are fully compatible with macOS Sonoma and the new Apple’ M computers. Please note that Apple has stopped the support of 32-bit applications since Catalina. Modul8 v3 being a 64-bit app, the software is now updated and compatible. However the old v2 versions of modul8 (32 bits app) will not be compatible with macOS Catalina and later systems.

Do you have discount for Students?

You can get Modul8 at academic price for 199€ + taxes. Please and attach a copy of you valid student card or faculty ID write us at sales@garagecube.com. Once we received the appropriate document, we will provide you links to purchase at the educational rate including a coupon code to have the educational discount.

What is the difference between the Standard and Student Version ?

Both versions are the same. The student version has no limitations, though you are not allowed to use it for commercial use.

What is the difference between the modul8 Full and Demo versions?

The limitations of the demo version are:

  • You cannot access the online module library
  • You cannot save a project
  • There is a watermark on the output

Please note that it is not possible to authorize the demo version. Once you purchase the Full version, you can download the most recent version of modul8 at the yourspace page.

I just bought modul8 but I did not receive a serial number.

Your license information and serial number should have been sent shortly after your purchase by our third party vendor SHARE-IT MyCommerce (Digital River). Please check your mailbox and make sure the message has not been marked as spam. Otherwise, please contact us via support@garagecube.com (Mon-Fri).

How can I download the latest version?

You can do so by accessing the ‘Download Modul8 update’ from the ‘Modul8’ menu within the application. If you do not have Modul8 installed and need to download the software, simply use your serial number to access http://www.garagecube.com/modul8/yourspace.

What is new on version 3?


  • Support for 8 media sets each with 128 pieces of media (a total of 1024 pieces of media)
  • New master lightness
  • New layer lock option
  • New layer normalize options
  • New Image maximum rendering size” preference
  • New Disable Blackmagic support” preference for other apps to use attached decks
  • Additional special test cards: FullHD, HDReady, XGA, WYGA
  • New color control preview + reset


  • Optimized media playback (images, movies, image folders, Quartz-Composer, video-inputs): now supports videos up to 8K
  • Optimized HAP and H264 video codec playback
  • Replaced Quicktime player with FFmpeg and AVFoundation for maximum format compatibility (for multiaudio channel video, use AVFoundation playback option)
  • Refined user-interface with support for retina displays
  • Improved Direct to Disk Recording
  • Saves video preview mode on quit
  • Video capture preferences display BlackMagic out-dated drivers warning
  • Backwards compatibility with automatic media ID conversion for modul8 projects from earlier versions. Please note that earlier versions of modul8 cannot open modul8 3.0 projects.

How can I install modul8 on a second computer?

How to de-authorize modul8. You must to be connected to the internet for this process.

  • Open modul8, and open the Modul8 Menu (next to the apple menu icon).
  • Choose Deauthorize modul8…’ from the dropdown menu
  • You will be presented with a pop-up window asking if you want to Deauthorize Offline’ or Deauthorize Now!’. Choose Deauthorize Now!’
  • A new message will appear asking you to Please wait while modul8 is deauthorized”. A second dialog will ask you for a Mac Administrator password to allow for changes. Once you’ve entered the password, click OK.
  • Once authorized, in the same window where you read Please wait while Modul8 is deauthorized, you should now see in red, modul8 has been successfully deauthorized on this computer”. Modul8 will now automatically quit.

You will now be able to install modul8 on a new machine with your serial number.

I forgot to de-authorize modul8.

  • If your computer gets stolen or breaks, you will need to contact us and we can perform a de-authorization for you.
  • We can only proceed to remote deauthorization upon a document proof of a stolen or broken computer (a police statement, or invoice or estimate from an authorized Apple repair shop).
  • If you cannot provide proof of documentation, the machine or cannot be reached, or is broken just before a show use the REMOTE RESET in the modul8 yourspace page.

Does modul8 supports multiple outputs?

You can output up to 8 different outputs using the Advanced Output Setup in the Output menu.

How can I change set the Output resolution of my composition?

modul8 uses the system video output resolution. Your composition will automatically scale to fit the selected output resolution. Go to System Preferences > Displays to set the output. 

What is the best video codec to run modul8?

If you are running modul8 v3 and over, the best video codec is either H.264 or HAP.

If you are running modul8 v2.9.2 and older, the best video codec remains PhotoJpeg.

What is the minimum requirement to run modul8?

You need a computer running minimum macOS 10.9.5 or later

A fast graphiccard is recommended to get the best of modul8.  

My screen is black when Launching modul8.

You have accidentally enabled Full Screen At Startup’ in the Output’ menu. This happens when your computer is not connected to an external display device (projector or monitor).

To disable Full Screen At Startup’:

  • Launch modul8.
  • Press the keyboard shortcut  cmd + T’ to exit full screen.
  • Select the Output > Full Screen At Startup” menu option so that it is unchecked.
  • Next time you launch modul8 you will be presented with the main modul8 interface.

What are the camera supported by modul8?

modul8 natively supports Blackmagic Video input devices and standard Quicktime/ AVFoundation compatible video-input devices.

How to exit the Fullscreen mode?

Press the keyboard shortcut cmd+T to exit full screen.

What is the difference between the key map, the MIDI map, and the contextual MIDI?

  • Edit Key Map is to configure the computer keyboard.
  • Edit MIDI Map is to configure general MIDI input.
  • Edit Contextual MIDI is an expert MIDI configuration that allows you to configure different MIDI parameters for each layer/layer set/media.

What is the native rendering resolution of Modul8?

There is no fixed native resolution in Modul8. You decide the rendering resolution when you configure the second screen of your computer (on a dual display machine). In other words, Modul8 uses the full screen resolution to composite the final image. The maximum resolution is fixed by the video card.

Also, all your medias are rendered in their native size. All the effects and the filters are applied without scaling down the original size of your media. Of course, if you change the size of the media outside Modul8, it will have a different size in the composition. It means also that changing the size of the media can make huge difference in terms of performance.

Please also note that Modul8 applies a bi-linear filter to every layer in order to reduce the pixelization and to increase the quality of the rendering.

How can i connect modul8 to madMapper ?

modul8 uses Syphon to share frames with madMapper. To enable Syphon, go to the Output menu and select Syphon or use the Shortcut cmd+Y.
In madMapper from the media-list, the current modul8 composition will be available from the Syphon Input Media list.

How can I use DMX with modul8?

modul8 can send or receive DMX values. You must first go to the modul8 Preferences  then select the DMX tab to choose the DMX controller to Send or receive DMX values.
Then create or use modules to control or send DMX values.

What are the best settings for the video output?

Resolution settings 
Check that the native resolution of the device is not lower than the display setup of the computer. For example if your video projector is a 1280×720, using 1920×1080 won’t help at all and may even lower the quality of the rendering.

Refresh rates 
Modul8 synchronizes itself to the display refresh rate to get the smoothest possible results. Generally it has been optimized for refresh rates from 50 to 60 Hz. It is better to avoid high frequencies that may lower the smoothness of the animation.

** Do not change the resolution settings when Modul8 is in full screen mode. **

How can I authorize modul8 Offiline?

step 1: When you open modul8 click on “unlock Modul8 Offline”

step2: enter your serial number

step 3: enter your registration information

step 4:  a challenge code is generated. Save this challenge code as text file using Save as text File

step5:  connect to http://wregistermd8.garagecube.com/authorize/  and paste the challenge code into the textfield.