LED by garageCube is a plug-and-play Kit for stage design, visual art and live performance

It’s a user-friendly and adaptable structure you can assemble with sturdy, yet lightweight aluminum supports. Simple to set up and designed to be as accessible as possible.

LED by garageCube is a Kickstarter project. LED Kits are available in our online shop.

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Easy to Set Up

The LED bars can be plugged together in any order and are auto addressable. A single cable carries both power and data, reducing connections to a minimum. Our LEDs are a perfect complement to madMapper, but are also compatible with third party applications and lighting desk consoles.

Live Control!

With madMapper, the most advanced mapping tool, you can easily scale from simple installations to massive setups. Use your favorite midi controller for perfect live control. You can use all kinds of content including video files, live camera feeds, and generative images to control your LEDs.


 garageCube LEDs are available in RGB or pure white, and in three different sizes: 25 cm, 50 cm and 1 meter. Light diffusers and transparent covers are included in the Kit.

Carry your LEDs Wherever You Go

The 50 cm bar fits in your hand luggage. No need to check them in when flying. Sixteen 50 cm bars are lighter than 4 kg!

Light and Strong

With the custom aluminum profile designed by us, the LED bar is light and strong. You can attach them to brackets with simple M4 fixing screws.

Versatile Bracket System

The bracket system was designed for the LEDs to allow assembly in multiple positions and orientations. Two mounting brackets per LED strut are included in each kit.

Unlimited Assembling and Constructing

Our system is also compatible with standard fastening elements available on the market either directly on the profile adapted for hex head screws or on our bracket mounting system.

5 Patonic solids


Our LEDs were designed so you can easily incorporate the lights with your own complex structures. Combine the LEDs with 3D printed objects or your CNCed parts. The system facilitates your DIY creations.

Download and print your own LED parts.

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